A Growing Obsession with Sports




A Growing Obsession with Sports

The overwhelming majority of At-Risk males are preoccupied with sports, especially 
basketball. They are constantly talking about and emulating sports and professional 
basketball players like Lebron James, Steph Curry, and others. 

They also try to purchase the most expensive sports jerseys and gym shoes that their 
favorite basketball stars wear.

This personality trait limits their interest with education, schoolwork, or homework and 
they focus all their energy, time and efforts to being the best football or basketball player, 
thus ignoring school related requirements.

This obsession with ‘dreams of basketball stardom’ cause so many young At-Risk  male 
students to become one-dimensional, focusing only on basketball; minimizing their education; 
ignoring their other academic talents and potentials.

My mission is to teach At-Risk males the importance of being a good scholar athlete. 

Paul Garwood Coaching

I am a Master Life Coach and Empowered Action Coach specializing in accountability, focused action and goal achievement. I am passionate about athletes and at-risk youth becoming better in all areas of their lives. 

With me as your Action Coach:

You will discover answers, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward in the area you want coaching. 

You are whole, complete, and resourceful, and I will coach you knowing that! I’ll work one-on-one with you to take action in your life, career, relationships, business, and health to create the life you want to be living.

I work in Restorative Justice at the Middle School level.

I am also a seasoned entrepreneur, professional speaker, basketball coach/trainer. I am the founder of Paul Garwood Coaching, Elite Hoops Spotlight scouting service, and the Co-Founder of L.I.D. Mentoring Program (Life Skills, Integrity, Development).

I am a Board Member for Boys Hope, Girls Hope Detroit and The Youth Community Agency.