Looking to enhance your athletic performance? Paul Garwood Coaching is here to help. With extensive experience as a mental performance coach for athletes, Paul Garwood can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals. Don't settle for average, invest in your mental game and excel in your sport.

Unlock your full potential with personalized coaching 
• Improve your mental game and enhance your performance as an athlete.
• Develop mental skills such as focus, confidence, resilience, and goal-setting.
• Receive tailored strategies and techniques to overcome challenges and achieve your athletic goals.
• Elevate your mindset and gain a competitive edge.

Paul Garwood is employed in the Restorative Justice field at the Middle School Level.

Paul Garwood is a Mental Performance Coach

Paul Garwood is a Seasoned Entrepreneur, Author, and Professional Speaker

Paul Garwood is the founder of Paul Garwood Coaching and Elite Hoops Spotlight

Paul Garwood is a contributor covering the NBA for Hoops Habit

Paul Garwood is a Board Member for Boys Hope, Girls Hope Detroit