Paul Garwood: Mental Resilience Coach

Paul Garwood is a dedicated advocate for empowering athletes through mental resilience coaching. With a background in the restorative justice field at the middle school level and as the Founder of the Visionary Youth Project At-Risk Program, Paul brings a unique perspective to his coaching practice, emphasizing holistic development and the power of mindset in achieving success.

Professional Background:

Paul Garwood is widely recognized as a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker, with a passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential. Drawing on his extensive experience in various fields, including restorative justice and youth development, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his coaching practice.

Founder of Paul Garwood Coaching and Elite Hoops Spotlight:

As the founder of Paul Garwood Coaching, Paul is committed to empowering athletes to cultivate mental resilience and achieve peak performance. Through personalized coaching sessions and evidence-based strategies, he helps athletes develop the mindset and skills needed to overcome challenges and thrive in their sport.

Additionally, Paul Garwood is the visionary behind Elite Hoops Spotlight, a platform dedicated to showcasing the talent and dedication of young athletes. By providing exposure and recognition to up-and-coming players, Paul is shaping the future of sports and inspiring the next generation of champions.

Commitment to Community:

In his role as a board member for Boys Hope, Girls Hope Detroit, Paul Garwood is deeply invested in supporting at-risk youth and providing them with opportunities for growth and success. Through mentorship, advocacy, and community outreach, he works tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.


Paul Garwood's multifaceted background and unwavering commitment to empowering athletes make him a trusted mentor and coach in the field of mental resilience. With his guidance, athletes can develop the confidence, focus, and resilience needed to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and thrive both on and off the field.